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Join me for an EXTRAORDINARY and UNPRECEDENTED 6-day event launching…

Wake Up...

To the Truth of Who You Really Are!

Rise Up...

With the Power That Flows Around and Through You!

Stand Up...

And Live the Life You Were Born to Lead!

You Are More Than You Know.

You Are Greater Than You Realize.

Join Me in Santa Barbara and discover...


My dear friends, 2019 is going to be an absolutely extraordinary year for you, for me, and for us. This is the year that all of us begin a journey of light that is destined to eliminate negativity and bring the power of positive empowerment to everyone around the world!

This is not an inward journey, nor is it a solo quest. Instead, it is an outward-bound immersion, that celebrates, illuminates, and elevates us as individuals, as a group, and as active participants in this miracle that is life.

This planet is on the cusp of a Revolution of Revelation, Radiance and Reaffirmation! 2019 is the fulcrum of this change and we are the hands on the lever, propelling ourselves and the planet into the possibility, the potential and the absolutely unstoppable power that is positive energy!

More than ever, it is vitally important that we work together to eliminate the entrenched negativity that feeds unconscious behaviors that keep us from living our best lives.

The fear around us can make it seem like we have lost our way. Greed and the culture of instant gratification, in all of its forms, has sequestered our common humanity and barricaded us, one from the other. The speed of our communication has slowed our ability to listen and learn. The abundance of our technologies has given us too many choices, leaving us wanting and in need of what is most important.

Now is the time to WAKE UP. This is the moment to RISE UP, STAND UP and CLAIM a place on the front line of positive change. Today is the day for all good people to heed this common call and use the power of proximity to bring a radical compassion and militant magnificence to the world.

We Are Bulwarks of Light!

Only by joining our lights do we become an inexorable force against darkness. Not one of us is powerful enough to keep the apparent darkness of today’s world at bay. Together, we become clarions of clarity, stripping back the darkness, cleaning the dirt from the windows of our collective perception, and letting the warm light of positive truth into our lives.

Join Us In This Celebration of Life!

Over the course of five spectacular days in Santa Barbara, we will illuminate each other, effectively eliminating negativity, filling ourselves with laughter, love and light. Together, we will grow in grace and gratitude, rejecting grief and greed. We will dance in harmony, immune from harm. We will advance through adversity as warriors of wholeness, not hostility. The brightness and white light that we generate will be a beacon of hope to a darkening world.

This promises to be a live event like no other. I urge you with all my heart to join me and experience the energy, the elation, and the exaltation that will accompany our first steps into the extraordinary journey that is the

The Venue - Ritz Carlton Bacara

Two Options for Illumination!

Space at the Santa Barbara Immersion into Illumination is limited. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to Wake Up, Rise Up and Stand Up with Panache as together you experience the truth of positive empowerment and begin to bring its light into your life and through you to the rest of the world! Please reserve your space now for this extraordinary event and take your place on the front lines of truth!

This event is SOLD OUT
For Cancellation Status
Call (239) 649 – 7373

Your Registration Includes:

● Accommodation for five nights at the award-winning Ritz Carlton Bacara, along with access to all resort amenities;

● Daily Resort Fee ($35 value), Daily Housekeeping Gratuity, Round Trip Porterage, and Hotel Room Taxes Included;*

● Breakfast each morning at the The Bistro restaurant Ritz Carlton Bacara ($39 value breakfast voucher to be used at The Bistro restaurant);

● Casual Meet & Greet with Panache on Tuesday, January 29th;

● Opening Session on Sunday Evening, January 27th;

● Morning and Afternoon Sessions on Monday, January 28th through Thursday, January 30th;

● Closing Session on Friday Morning, February 1st;

● Group Luncheon Banquet with Panache on Friday, February 1st, Immediately Following the Closing Session.

*Please note that airfare and travel to and from the Santa Barbara airport, as well as overnight parking, valet fees, and general gratuities are not included in your reservation. Please see "Travel Information" below for further information.

Space at the Santa Barbara Immersion into Illumination will book quickly. Don't wait to make your reservation - ACT TODAY to secure your place on the front lines with Panache! These rates are only valid until December 12th, 2018, so don't delay.

This event is SOLD OUT
For Cancellation Status
Call (239) 649 – 7373

2019 - A New Opportunity for Connection

Meet Privately with Panache!

NEW this year and exclusive to this event, you will have an opportunity to work one-on-one with Panache in a private 50 minute session. Given the time constraints involved, the number of these sessions is extremely limited. So, please act now in order to reserve your private, face-to-face session with Panache. (Additional costs apply. Please inquire for further information or to book your private session.)

This event is SOLD OUT
For Cancellation Status
Call (239) 649 – 7373

Travel Details: Ritz Carlton Bacara is located approximately 15 minutes west of Santa Barbara. Plan your travel so that you are able to arrive, check in, and get settled by 6:30PM on Sunday, January 27th. The final session will end on Friday, February 1st at approximately 12PM, followed by the group farewell luncheon, which will conclude at approximately 2PM.

Please note: there is no self-parking available. Special valet pricing for this event is $15 a night.